We believe Data Science is for everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow every business user build and deploy Machine Learning models with Enhencer to analyze, collaborate and present value added outputs within minutes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of Data Democratization in analytics world, by bringing data mining and data modelling to a wider audience.

Our Story

Enhencer is a platform developed by Gauss Statistical Solutions, Turkey's first R&D company specialized in Statistics, in METU Technopolis, Ankara. Gauss S.S. has completed hundreds of Data Mining and Predictive Modelling projects, to a myriad of public and private, national and multinational institutions. Our team has expertise in modelling complex human & market behaviour and implementing predictive analytics for streamlined business processes. From within that experience, our idea of a Predictive Storyteller first arose in 2015. After two years of development, Enhencer met its first users and since then, it has helped plenty of businesses with gaining better, deeper insights from their data.