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Demand Forecasting is pretty explanatory itself, and every business with sales, stock, production, and planning operations can benefit from it. It means learning from past sales data to forecast future demand but as in every other modeling process, design of the problem and data preparation are the pivotal processes before modeling the demand.

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

Mine till you shine

Enhencer predicts a probability for the next timeframe(day/week/month) by detecting and learning the patterns in sales history. Plus, here is another cool job Enhencer can do for you: It can build tens, hundreds, or thousands of models in an incredibly short time for predicting the demand of each SKU(product), thus providing a very high-resolution picture of your firm's future.

If you cannot explain it to someone, you didn't learn it well.

In the age of machine learning, no business should leave it to guesses. In addition to the common algorithms, Enhencer favors interpretable ML, and while showing the insight into the future demand in a beautiful dashboard, it explains as to why it predicted that number. Forecasting demand is essential for a business as you might have disastrous consequences when you lack data-driven decision support systems, which are already commonplace in many organizations.

Italian Trulli

Predictive Business Intelligence

Enhencer lets you share your predictions with others in beautiful dashboards. That’s why we call it: Predictive Storyteller

  1. Connect

    Keep your data alive

    Use our offline and online data integrations for a continuous flow.

  2. Predict

    See the future

    Get predictions for new data and monitor accuracy.

  3. Integrate

    Shortcut To Action

    Integrate predictions in any format to take actions

  4. Track

    Validate & Calibrate

    Monitor the Predictions and Observed Events to calculate ROI


More Profit in
Less Time

Instead of spending days on a single model, build and evaluate multiple models even during a meeting.


See reasons of predictions and their business impact, then take your actions accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence

Without a line of code, use Automated Machine Learning on the mobile.

Let's predict the future together!