Predictive Maintenance

Listen to your machines

In the majority of the current factories, machines generate plentiful sensor data such as temperature, pressure and specific readings from the machines. Many firms have already adapted innovations of Industry 4.0 and analyzing sensor data using Machine Learning for failure prediction is one of them.

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

Prevent failures & minimize losses

Maybe you are following a graph when testing fridges before dispatching them to shops, or maybe you want to know when your machines will fail. Predicting such failures will bring you a capacity to take preventive actions and save money.

What does ML bring to the table?

After modeling failure and learning the patterns leading to them in minutes, Enhencer will periodically check and give a prediction for a likelihood to fail. Besides, it can connect to any system and can be set to give alerts to the responsible people. This way, you will plan your actions for failures, and rest easy.

Italian Trulli

Predictive Business Intelligence

Enhencer lets you share your predictions with others in beautiful dashboards. That’s why we call it: Predictive Storyteller

  1. Connect

    Keep your data alive

    Use our offline and online data integrations for a continuous flow.

  2. Predict

    See the future

    Get predictions for new data and monitor accuracy.

  3. Integrate

    Shortcut To Action

    Integrate predictions in any format to take actions

  4. Track

    Validate & Calibrate

    Monitor the Predictions and Observed Events to calculate ROI


More Profit in
Less Time

Instead of spending days on a single model, build and evaluate multiple models even during a meeting.


See reasons of predictions and their business impact, then take your actions accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence

Without a line of code, use Automated Machine Learning on the mobile.

Let's predict the future together!