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To boom in today’s competitive world, a business must know its customers inside out. To understand your customers is to understand their motivations, their desires, and their fears. Use Enhencer to go on a journey of discovery about your customers. Be relentless about finding and understanding your target customers. Moreover, take your traditional definitions for customers a few steps further. With Enhencer, know why do people buy your products and services? What motivates them and what drives them away?


Retention & Churn

Predict the Lifetime of the customers using the Predictive Power of Enhencer.

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Customer Lifetime Value

With Enhencer bring the data mining power into your market research and obtain crucial results.


Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

With Enhencer dive deeper to extract compelling results and implement strong marketing strategies confidently.

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Customer Satisfaction

Obtain not only the demographics but also the customer behaviors that effects the Satisfaction.

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Let Enhencer find the root of the complains with the powerful Machine Learning Algorithm.

Retention & Churn

The most precious assets for a business are it’s customers. However, the most important customers are not the ones that a business gains, but the ones who stay longer. It is one thing to count how many people have signed up or walked into store for the first time and quite another to understand what makes them coming back or leave.

With Enhencer, take the power of Customer Retention & churn analysis at your own hand.

  • Learn Customer lifetime value for each customer using the most powerful Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Predict the lifetime of your customers using the Predictive Power of Enhencer.
  • Obtain precise segments of customers regarding Retention & Churn.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Selling to an existing customer is often more efficient than it is to acquire a new customer. The most profound business strategy to improve profit figures is to up-sell and cross-sell. In order to successfully implement cross-sell and up-sell strategies business needs to focus its efforts on meeting the customer’s needs, rather than simply gushing out more lackluster products and services from its product line-up. This requires extensive analysis of market research data to understand the market for such products.

Bring down the intricacy of market research data and learn how to implement the cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

  • Target the right customers for the cross-sell and up-sell strategies using the dynamic & vigorous segmentation techniques that Enhencer offers.
  • Obtain products suitable for cross-selling and up-selling based on their features and their demand in the market using the machine learning algorithm.
  • With Enhencer, dive deeper to extract such compelling results and implement strong marketing strategies for confidently.

Customer Satisfaction

There are many factors contributing to the success or failure of a business and Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest. Its hard to obtain the reasons that make customers unsatisfactory due the complexity of data that are being collected by the customer surveys & CRM data.

With Enhencer. convert this problem of complexity into a factor for the solution and discover the true reasons why customers become unsatisfactory in the simplest manner possible.

  • Obtain Enhencer Promoter Score (EPS) to measure customer experience and predict your business growth.
  • Obtain not only the demographics but also the customer behaviors that affects the Satisfaction.
  • Obtain crucial thresholds of factors to define customer experiences with high precisions.
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Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is a powerful insight that provides a benchmark against business growth milestones and a vivid indication of company value in the market. Predicting the CLTV/LTV accurately is time-consuming and overly complicated. Furthermore, business needs to allocate its resources according to the predicted CLTV. Therefore, inaccurate CLTV calculations can mislead a business to allocate the resources in an inefficient manner.

With Enhencer, use CLV data to help build more accurate and detailed customer personas.

  • Using the machine learning algorithms obtain excellent indicators of marketing campaign performance. Get maximum return from often limited resources.
  • The predictive power of enhancer to learn the effect of certain high-level decisions on the value of customer assets.
  • Using the segmentation decide what you should spend to retain specific customer segments.


Internet usage has reached such a level that most business is now internet dependent. This also has handed the power and control to customers hand. They have more freedom over sharing their voices. While complaints can look negative it has a silver lining too. It grants the businesses opportunity to address the complaints and take actions. They often have more long-lasting effects on business growth than projected and thus can be very difficult to pinpoint.

Enhencer can dig out even the tiniest effect which otherwise would have been impossible.

  • Let Enhencer find the root of the complaints with the most powerful Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Discover the relations of complaints in the most unconventional ways.
  • Minimize not just the complains but the tiniest effects as well.