• Select Target Variable & Analyze

  • Stop losing time to learn statistical methods
  • Enhencer enables you to get results directly by just selecting the target variable. You can easily reach the summary results and plots with proposed statistical techniques. If you wish, you can filter and transform your data easily.

  • Discover Relations of Variables

  • Combining several variables was never this easy
  • Enhencer lets you relate the target variable with other variables. Effect of more than one variables on your target variable can be analyzed by using Group-By and Page-By tasks. Enhencer proposes the power of relation without statistical expertise.

  • Reach the Value-added Results

  • All you need is just one-click
  • It is easy to lose track when many variables are present. Enhencer brings the breakthrough in no time when it comes to deeper analysis. Enhencer explores best segments of respondents for your target objective such as finding most satisfied customers. Enhance your decision making ability with best segments proposed by Enhencer.

No Expertise

Enhencer saves your money by reducing employee, consultant and training expenses.

Actionable Insights

Enhencer recommends the best actions from scratch for the data in no time.

A Few Clicks

Enhencer reduces time to reach remarkable results from days to minutes.

  • Stop waiting for traditional reports.
  • Use Enhencer for deeper insights.