Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Enhencer for?

Enhencer is for anyone who has data, wants to analyze it and also to predict future events for business success or any other goal. With Enhencer, your business expertise can be better utilized to create more value in your organization with 3-click predictive analytics.

What can I use Enhencer for?

Following analyses are the most common ones Enhencer is used for. Please have a look at our cases page to read examples of value-added cases written by Enhencer.

  • Product Propensity
  • Next Best Product
  • Churn Prevention
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Next Best Action

What is the value provided by Enhencer?

In any business case, you can find the best path to success and surpass your business goals in a reduced time frame. This can be achieved by calculating accurate and real-time predictions with automated machine learning presented in the most user-friendly way. Enhencer eliminates the need for out-of-fashion tables, plots and prediction algorithms that are not always accurate and clear.

Can Enhencer connect to my database?

Yes, if you are using a relational database like MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, Enhencer already have a connection interface to your tables in the database. If you are using a different database system, we can develop integrations to any database for our Premium and Enterprise plans.

Do you provide support in Data Preparation?

Yes, for every paid plan, our in-house expert data scientists are providing data preparation assistance to our clients for free.

Can I save my analyses as uneditable reports?

Yes, you can save interactive parts of the analysis, to later view, share, or present in a meeting or any other occasion. You do not need any other BI dashboard to show your result.

Can we use Enhencer in our local server?

In our enterprise plan, we provide local deployment to any server worldwide, in a half day.

What is the process like?

Together, we think and discuss your business, we ask questions and discover the answers we can get with your data, then we help you prepare it and connect it to Enhencer. After that, you will see the results and cases, and like many happy clients who are increasing their profit through predictive analytics, you can also start earning more or losing less by taking the right action.