Google Forms

Import your data from Google Forms seamlessly and discover the depths of your responses in minutes. With Enhencer's easy-to-use interface, you can go beyond basic pivot tables, and have a total understanding of the story your form tells you.

Analyzing forms using Automated Machine Learning have never been easier. In three clicks, you will see the causalities in your survey data, and you can perform an in-depth analysis based on every question. You can get prediction scores for new entries, and ask "What-If?" questions without any coding.

3 Steps to Actionable Insights

  • 1

    Log in & Connect

    Log in to google form and choose the project you want to analyze. Yes, that simple
  • 2


    Select target question and discover the relationships with other questions.
  • 3

    Obtain Predictions

    Answers to your “What-if?” scenarios.