Bring down the intricacy of market research data to implement cross-sell strategies.

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Employee Satisfaction

With Enhencer start making the changes needed to move the needle on employee satisfaction.

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Enhencer makes it easy to predict the return of certain promotions for certain products.

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  • Engage with the citizens to achieve positive results
  • Allocate the resources efficiently
  • Increase the impact of the policies
  • Reduce the cost of a strategic budget plan
  • Improve the quality of the institutions from healthcare to education
  • Identify the future threats, corruption risks
  • Prevent leakage with the claims history
  • Detect the frauds and abuse
  • Advanced analytics to deal with information distortion
  • Govern the institution with data democracy


The cost of acquiring a new customer is often more expensive than it is to sell to an existing customer. The most successful business practices to achieve this are up-selling and cross-selling. The key to successful cross-selling and up-selling is to focus your efforts on meeting the customer’s needs, rather than simply pushing more products and services. This requires extensive analysis of market research data to understand the market for such products.

Bring down the intricacy of market research data and learn how to implement the cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

  • Target the right customers for the cross-sell and up-sell strategies using the dynamic & vigorous segmentation techniques that Enhencer offers.
  • Obtain products suitable for cross-selling and up-selling based on their features and their demand in the market using the machine learning algorithm.
  • With Enhencer dive deeper to extract such compelling results and implement strong marketing strategies for confidently.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are the true reason why businesses achieve their goal. Satisfied employees are simply more productive and more efficient. They tend to work harder, contribute more. Businesses function best when employees are both satisfied and engaged, so it’s important to consistently benchmark both satisfaction and engagement amongst employees in order to reach business goals.

Take Enhencer’s analytic power and start making the changes necessary to move the needle on employee satisfaction.

  • Enhencer can ensure targeting the right cause of dissatisfaction with the machine learning algorithm.
  • Maximize the employee satisfaction in the simplest manner possible.
  • Reach each of the employees to address their struggles with the powerful data mining engine of Enhencer.


Promotion is the voice of the company which send out brand’s message to the audience. Promotional products allow people to see the brand and recognize your brand. Determining the right promotion for the right product to target the right customers can be more complex than it sounds.

Enhencer makes it easy to predict the return of certain promotions for certain products and can make a crucial difference in marketing strategies.

  • Predict the return for certain promotions for certain products.
  • Use the dynamic segmentation technique to divide both the products and customers into segments for promotion strategies.
  • Make the promotional strategies more dependable and more influencing then ever using Enhencer.