What would you feel if your BI platform could go beyond descriptive analytics and gain predictive skills? If you did not need the mundane pivot tables anymore?

With Enhencer, it is as easy as copy - paste.

Import the table you want to analyze to Enhencer, deploy Machine Learning models in minutes, and create a scoring function for Qlik platforms with a single click from learned/modeled data. Then copy this function code from Enhencer, paste it as a function expression to Qlik, and score new data as it comes within the Qlik interface.

3 Steps to Actionable Insights

  • 1

    Log in & Connect

    Log in to Qlik and choose the project you want to analyze. Yes, that simple
  • 2


    Select target question and discover the relationships with other questions.
  • 3

    Obtain Predictions

    Answers to your “What-if?” scenarios.