Achieve the Peak Performance in Cash-flow

Sales play a key role in the building loyalty and trust between customer and business and are the most lavishly nuanced feature that can take many shades of pictures when reflecting the market position of the business. Analysis of the sales data is a paramount task for determining a good strategy to improve the sales records. With the vast number of factors affecting the sales figures, these sales data are perpetually becoming harder to make sense. With the help of Enhencer, let your sales data speak for itself and point out the true factors casing the sales figure to decline or thrive.


Revenue Maximization

Obtain the path to gain & path to loss to get a better picture of the market status for the business and uncover the factor that drives the sales figues.



With Enhencer learn the features of the customer segment likely to become fraud and take actions to reduce the frauds.

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Use the dynamic functionality and powerful segmentation technique of Enhencer to measure the employee 



Using the dynamic Segmentation find specific regions/stores where the shelfs for the specific products are empty/full.

Revenue Maximization

Revenue is often considered more vital than profits when assessing the growth of a business. Revenue is like a show that the audiences watch from the gallery while there is a lot going on behind the scene. There is tremendous number of factors affecting the revenue of a business and there are many hidden factors that are waiting to be found from the sales data.

Enhencer can help you to see behind the curtain and to fully understand what matters most when it comes to revenue maximization.

  • Obtain the “Path to Gain” & “Path to Loss” to get a better picture of the market status of the business.
  • With the machine learning algorithms obtain the factors driving the sales figures up or down.
  • Unlike typical methods, Enhencer helps you to obtain such powerful result in a matter of minutes.


The term shelf fullness is neglected more often than it deserves. It might not be most relatable for all the industries but it’s very important for Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG industries) Even in this industry, it is being neglected wildly due to its immensely convoluted data structure. Properly analyzing these data can result in invaluable information which can lead to better sales strategies.

With Enhencer, dig out the reason why and where the shelves are left empty, or even displacement of the products in terms of product placements.

  • Using the dynamic segmentation, find specific regions/stores where the shelves for the specific products are empty/full.
  • Find the reasons why specific shelves for specific products are empty/full.
  • Dive deeper into the data with the Data Mining power of Enhencer to obtain such insights with high precision.


Fraud attempts have seen a drastic increase in recent years with the increase in online businesses thus making fraud detection more important than ever. Despite efforts on the part of the affected institutions, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to fraud each year and quite likely to increase as well. Just like a needle in a haystack relatively few cases show fraud in a large population. Finding these is not just tricky but sometimes impossible too.

Fraud detection was never this easy! Seek out the needle in the haystack with Enhencer in no time.

  • Using the dynamic segmentation, find the customer segments with the highest fraud rates.
  • Predict the fraud activity using the Predictive power of Enhencer.
  • With Enhencer learn the features of the customer segment likely to become a fraud and take actions to reduce the frauds.
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Many businesses are based on risk. The products and services they provide are all related to risk. Such as insurance sector and finance sector. The error margin is very thin as there is no room for error in these sectors. Both Knowing the customers to sell the right product and predicting the return from these sales are most important factors for such companies. However, not many platforms do exist to provide such thing error margin while being precise and accurate.

With Enhencer bring down the error margin to obtain crucial advantages in implementing market strategies.

  • Enhencer provides ready to use machine learning algorithms that can provide crucial insights when it comes to knowing your customers better in terms of their behaviors.
  • Using the segmentation technique obtain better segments of customers based on their behaviors for right targeting of customers.
  • Predict the return on sales for products and services related to risk with high accuracy to maximize the profit.