Why Integrate With Enhencer?

If you are an active Survey Monkey user than the chances are you have already collected many survey data that are waiting to be analyzed. When it comes to the analysis phase it is not always a pleasant experience especially with all the survey special variable types like Likert, Promoter Scores and Multiple Selection type Questions. When these sort of variables are present in the data its not easy to extract valuable insights by simply relying on cross-tables, pivot tables and similar traditional approaches. Enhencer empowers the data analysis by providing decision tree algorithms in an accessible manner for everyone. Explore every nook and cranny in your data with the intuitive interface of Enhencer and bring down the analysis time from days to minutes.

Robust Prediction

Enhencer generates powerful prediction algorithms in various formats.

Actionable Insights

Enhencer recommends the best actions for the data in no time from scratch.

No Expertise

Enhencer saves your money by reducing employee, consultant and training expenses.

A Few Clicks

Enhencer reduces time to reach remarkable results from days to minutes.

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Import Data from Survey Monkey

Looking at the data analysis platforms in the past, Integrations of different platforms has always posed some sorts of grinds considering specially the data import task. Enhencer provides an easy to use integration opportunity for the Survey Monkey users. Connect and import data from Survey Monkey into Enhencer in matter of seconds. In a nutshell, while creating a project in Enhencer, users are provided a wide range of data upload/import options. Selecting Survey Monkey should allow uses to login to Survey Monkey and select the project that users wants to import data from & that’s how easily it can be done in a flash. 


From Data to Results in Few Minutes

Dont’ believe us? Here, let us walk you through an example to show you how easy it actually is to analyzes the data using Enhencer. Let us analyze the employee satisfaction of a company. The survey was conducted in Survey Monkey and imported into Enhencer. Once the data is imported into Enhencer it should look something like this. We can see the overall satisfaction level for the employees is 6.7/10 now let us dive deeper to find out why these employees are unsatisfied and what makes them satisfied a well.

Typeform Likert

Dynamic Segmentation

Using Enhencer, time consuming segmentation task can be brought under a minute. On our left we can see two pictures of segments provided by Enhencer. The top segment provides the feature of the employees with highest rate of satisfactory. if the employee’s distance from work is between 5-10 km, doesn’t involve in business travels and job role is whether a business analyst, sales executive or human resources, then the employee satisfaction for this segment is 9.17 out of 10. On the other spectrum there is the bottom segment that represents most unsatisfied employees with the lowest satisfaction score of of 2.2/10.

Actionable Insights

Attempting to reach a verdict with all that many variable that typical survey holds can be overly complicating with an exposed door to errors. To overcome this Enhencer provides decision tree algorithm that takes care of all that with merely just one click. It breaks down the data with the perfect relation for the variable of interest. You can reach such powerful actionable insights event without any expertise in data analysis field and you do so while saving hours of work. The picture in the right shows the preview of the tree showing the relations of other variables with employee satisfaction.

typeforn tree

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