Why the Typeform Integration?

If you are an active Typeform user than the chances are you have already conducted many surveys in Typeform and collected many survey data that are waiting to be analyzed. When it comes to the analysis phase it is not always a pleasant experience especially with all the survey special variable types that Typeform offers like Likert, Promoter Scores and Multiple Selection type Questions. When these sort of variables are present in the data it’s not easy to extract valuable insights by simply relying on cross-tables, pivot tables, and similar traditional approaches. Enhencer empowers the data analysis by providing decision tree algorithms in an accessible manner for everyone. Explore every nook and cranny in the data you collected in Typeform with the intuitive interface of Enhencer and bring down the analysis time from days to minutes. Typeform users can already collect data very easily and efficiently and by integrating with Enhencer Typeform Users can analyze the collected data in no time.

Robust Prediction

Enhencer generates powerful prediction algorithms in various formats.

Actionable Insights

Enhencer recommends the best actions for the data in no time from scratch.

No Expertise

Enhencer saves your money by reducing employee, consultant and training expenses.

A Few Clicks

Enhencer reduces time to reach remarkable results from days to minutes.

Instant Actionable Insights

Why spending hours after hours extracting meaningful insights using conventional methods that surely has gotten stale & out of date. With Enhencer obtain actionable & meaningful insights within minutes.

Decision Tree

Decision tree algorithm can handle complex data without breaking a sweat.

Easy Segmentation

With Enhencer, interpreting segmentation outputs are like plain sailing.

Instant & Accurate

Acquire any actionable & reliable result in less than a few minutes.

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables can become extremely hard to handle once the data dimension increases.

Complex Clustering Methods

Clustering methods results are always hard to interpret for any actual actions.

Slow & Prone to Error

Conventional methods are very time-consuming and are prone to errors.

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Dynamic Features

Enhencer brings all these features together to present the most complete data analysis package featuring from simple & stunning visuals to the most advanced data mining & predictive modeling algorithms. Enhencer also brings machine learning algorithms to the table making the data insights and predictions more accurate and reliable than ever. 

Machine Learning Algorithms

Enhencer takes an approach for improving performance and reliability by using machine learning algorithms.

Powerful Segmentation

Enhencer provides powerful & reliable segments automatically from the data using machine learning algorithms.

Stunning Visual Stories

Using intuitive and interactive interface of Enhencer acquire stunning visual stories for all your data types.

Robust Prediction

Predict the unknown using powerful predictive models such as decision tree, random forest, XGBoost & neural network.

Likert & Promoter Score

Survey friendly features to spot the business growth opportunities that no other data analysis packages provide.

Flexible Integrations

Connect and integrate the different data sources from online data collection platforms and database platforms.
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