Predictive Storyteller

Find the best path to success and surpass your business goals in a reduced time frame using accurate and real-time predictions with automated machine learning.

Product Propensity

Predict your customers' tendency to buy certain products.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify devices before they break down and maximize your operation time.

Fraud Detection

Predict the most likely cases of fraud before they happen to alert related units.

Churn Prevention

Support your campaign management by predicting the customers that are more likely to leave in the future.

Demand Forecasting

Predict the demand for the future by learning from previous events.

Risk Assessment

Learn the highest risk customers from your data, and take necessary precautions.

Next Best Product

Find the products that your customer would likely purchase by previous cross-sell behaviors.

Customer Lifetime Value

Plan your marketing campaigns according to data-backed Customer Lifetime Value insights.

Next Best Action

Best action for the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel.

Revolutionary, Effortless, Fastest way of communication between business users

to make predictions.

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Automated Machine Learning

Millions of hours are being spent to learn machine learning from courses, and coding in Python or R. Enhencer now lets business users invest more of their time to get insights.

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Transparent Models

Traditional tools generate incomprehensible outputs. Enhencer lays out causalities in the data before your eyes with its colorful

intuitive layout.

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Quick Fit

Predictive modeling has become essential to any modern business department. Fastest and easiest way to implement self-service analytics in your business is Enhencer.

Enhencer delivers an innovative interface which eliminates the need for out-of-fashion tables, plots and prediction algorithms that are not always accurate and clear.

  • Connect & Upload Data

  • Analyze & Fit Model

  • Predict & Track Stories

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Keep your data alive

Use our offline and online data integrations for a continuous flow.

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Every data has a story, reveal it

Enhencer manifests the patterns in a self-explanatory way.

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See the future and validate it

Get predictions for new data and monitor accuracy.

Unveil predictive stories hidden in your data

Connect Data Sources with Zero Effort