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Predictive Business Intelligence

Enhencer lets you share your predictions with others in beautiful dashboards. That’s why we call it: Predictive Storyteller

  1. Connect

    Keep your data alive

    Use our offline and online data integrations for a continuous flow.

  2. Predict

    See the future

    Get predictions for new data and monitor accuracy.

  3. Integrate

    Shortcut To Action

    Integrate predictions in any format to take actions

  4. Track

    Validate & Calibrate

    Monitor the Predictions and Observed Events to calculate ROI


Likelihood to Purchase

Which lead has a high likelihood to purchase? What are the factors leading to a purchase? Enhencer predicts the likelihood of a new lead to make a purchase with much higher accuracy than any expert guess. you can focus on leads with higher propensity score to increase profit with less marketing effort.

Accuracy + Speed = Profit

Few minutes are enough to build a propensity model and you can start increasing:

  • Conversion rates in e-mail marketing
  • Click-through/conversion rates for Ads
  • Closing rates of sales calls

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Customer Testimonails
Customer Testimonails


Which customers have the highest probability to purchase other products? The answer to such questions lies a few click away with Enhender. Enhencer discovers the relationships between purchasing and other features and behaviors of customers, then shows you who has a higher likelihood to make another purchase, and why so.

Make the most of what you have

You can export a prediction formula which outputs cross-selling likelihood for each existing customer and you can start increasing:

  • Save your time on marketing activities
  • Increase cross-sell/up-sell rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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Churn Probability

Enhencer predicts the churn probability for each existing and new customer. Detecting the customers before they flee and taking the right action is critical for recursive revenue. Then, whenever a customer shows signs to leave, it will let you know and you will have time to take actions to prevent churn.

A penny saved is a penny earned

With Enhencer, you will clearly see which customers will leave, and most importantly why are they leaving, thanks to its transparent algorithms. You can;

  • Increase retention by taking actions to reduce churn.
  • Spend less effort by focusing only on high churn probabilities
  • Track and validate the results, and improve the prediction process.

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Customer Testimonails
Customer Testimonails

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting is pretty explanatory itself, and every business with sales, stock, production, and planning operations can benefit from it. Enhencer predicts a probability for next timeframe (day/week/month) by learning from sales history. It can also build models in an incredibly short time for hundreds or thousands of products.

Do not act with your guess

Forecasting demand is essential for a business as you might have disastrous consequences when you lack data-driven decision support systems, which are already commonplace in many organizations.

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Fraud Prevention

To fight fraud, companies need to identify underlying reasons, then start detecting and recording fraud. If you have enough examples of fraud in the past data, you can let Enhencer learn from those and predict whether a transaction seems highly fraudulent or not.

Fight for your right

Detecting and preventing fraud will reveal quite valuable insights if fraud is a problem for your business. In a yearly report, high fraud rates will scare investors and shareholders alike. Also, if they know you are not hunting them, fraudsters will be seeing you as a vulnerable target.

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Customer Testimonails
Customer Testimonails

Employee Turnover Prediction

Losing an employee in a key position may disrupt a whole department or worse, the whole company. In order to predict which employees are most likely to leave, we can turn to Machine Learning for high accuracy.

Stronger bonds

Did you know that IBM can predict employee turnover with 95% accuracy? With enough data, Enhencer can easily attain such accuracies. When you know who is inclined to leave, you can develop strategies to keep them within your organization, and keep them happy.

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Predictive Maintenance

Now, machines generate plentiful sensor data such as temperature, pressure and specific readings from the machines. Many firms have already adapted innovations of Industry 4.0 and analyzing sensor data using Machine Learning for failure prediction is an important one of them.

Prevent failures & minimize losses

With sensor data, Enhencer can predict the outcome of a test result or when a machine will fail. Predicting such failures will bring you a capacity to take preventive actions and save money.

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Customer Testimonails
Customer Testimonails

Dealer Sales Forecasting

Sales analytics is generally confined to two dimensions, in BI dashboards and Pivot Tables. What would we get if we could analyze all the variables together against sales or profit To perform such an analysis, we need to go beyond BI, we need Machine Learning. Machine Learning takes your sales numbers and compares them to every other column, together, to find the best (and worst) correlations. These correlations often hide key insights on your sales, for the present and the future.

What does ML bring to the table?

Machine Learning models will not only provide you the best and worst performers but also shed light on why a dealer is performing good or bad. When you know why certain dealers underperform, you can then take clear actions to convert them to high performers.

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Unveil predictive stories hidden in your data

Automated Machine Learning

Millions of hours are being spent to learn machine learning from courses, and coding in Python or R. Enhencer now lets business users invest more of their time to get insights.

Transparent Models

Traditional tools generate incomprehensible outputs. Enhencer lays out causalities in the data before your eyes with its colorful.

Quick Fit

Predictive modeling has become essential to any modern business department. Fastest and easiest way to implement self-service analytics in your business is Enhencer.

Customer Testimonails

We use Enhencer to optimize processes throughout the customer journey. It allows us to analyze and target new and existing client segments much easier, and we perfected the churn prevention thanks to Enhencer's predictive abilities. We also analyze customer satisfaction surveys in Enhencer.

Banu Keskin Customer Experience and Intelligence Manager
Customer Testimonails

Enhencer provides us deep insights in marketing & advertisement. After reading top and bottom performing client segments, we can take required actions with decision makers in the company. They now understand easily which paths give the best lift or gain for business problems.

Ezel Esin Bilgiç Analytical Marketing Lead
Customer Testimonails

Enhencer enables easy implementation of analytics in business processes. You can build a model with few clicks, and take actions according to model outputs. It is very intuitive and does not require a guide at all. Just import your data and see the story in Enhencer.

Esra Korkmaz Analytical Insurance Manager

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